Review: Flipnote Studio

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Nintendo recently released Flipnote Studio on December 24, 2008 in Japan and August 12, 2009 in North America.

A great little application to add to your DSi (for free!) if you like animation and/or drawing. If you aren’t particularly into art, there is a section where you can go if you have Wi-Fi or a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector (which Nintendo has discontinued).You’ll be able use a feature called Flipnote Hatena, where people from around the world are able to share their animations. Now what’s cool is you can save animations to your DSi or SD Card so you can watch it anytime. There are three basic tools to choose from, Draw, Paint, and Erase. The Draw tool has sizes and textures to choose from, with the option of red, blue, or black. The Paint tool is more of a shadowing and texture tool I would say, with color choices of red, blue, and black. Then the eraser tool, is well… an eraser, but it has a few sizes.

Last but definitely not least,  I think the coolest set of tools are the copy and paste, and then the music and sound effects. Well, the copy and paste tool is pretty self explanatory, but you copy slides and put them where ever you want so you don’t have to stress about trying to re-draw everything perfectly. Then there is the ability to add sound clips, by recording with the built-in microphone. Then once recorded, place the clips where ever by clicking on them while playing through the notes, which will stay like that until you remove them or delete the sounds all together. The same goes for the music too, except it has a longer record time and instead of choosing where to place it, it just plays throughout the entire notes.

However, in my opinion, I think it is a fascinating addition to the DSiWare that everyone should get. I still have some trouble with my attention span so most of the time I have to work on one, and then come back to it several times later.
But I love how you can add sound to it.

The Run Down


  • New way to entertain (Make your own stuff! Endless Creativity!)
  • Let’s you watch other people’s notes
  • Sound and “Music” Support for Notes


  • You’re limited by your own creativity
  • Frustrates people with short attention spans

Overall I would suggest it, even for the non art-ee types.

Written by Jake Rachuna

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The IPREDator from the infamous Pirate Bay has recently sent out BETA invitations to those who have signed up on the mailing list! Users can now sign up and become more anonymous than ever with this new service. Since it’s from The Pirate Bay, the target for legal battles lately, this will be an interesting experience and possibly funny situation for prosecutors to tangle with! I mean, a certain large amount of people use The Pirate Bay everyday, whether it be seeding or leeching, it’s certainly large!

With the addition of IPREDator, pirates who have signed up for the service will rejoice in pure joy. The cost for anonymity with this service is low, asking for 149,00 kr a month, or about $6.50 for the US here. That’s a lot less compared to RIAA that demands thousands right? However, the website is in Swedish since it’s in Sweden, so make if you don’t speak Swedish, click on “Svenska” in the upper-right hand corner and choose English. The site additionally provides instructions for Vista, XP, and OSX users to configure their system to connect.
The IPREDator is basically a VPN, or virtual private network. It will hide your IP Address from any website or connection on the internet. So your IP Address is only shown to IPREDator, which then acts as a middle man between the content and you. Everything that you access goes through the VPN, and everything the site sends back goes through the VPN as well. Authorities cannot trace you through the VPN, and you are safe. The only reason why IPREDator would ever turn over your subscriber data to the authorities is if they had reasonable suspicion that you are breaking a Swedish law. Which is technically hard to do since they can only trace you back to IPREDator, but can’t get any farther, thus being unable to determine exactly who is the perpetrator in question.
IPREDator’s still in a closed beta, but it’s pretty interesting.
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Nintendo DSi Sound Secret

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Ever had the Mario theme stuck in your head after playing a game? Just can’t get that melody out? Nintendo just isn’t gonna make it any easier. In a little easter egg set in by Nintendo, the Sound application when set to record and play back sounds will play the Mario theme! You know, da duh da duh duh da da duh duh da da duh duh da duh duh duhh, and so on! Anyway, you probably just wanna know how to do it right?

Mario‘s Hiding in Your DSi

Start up the DSi and head over to the DSi Sound application. Hit the “Record and Play” sub menu to head to the bubble screen. Touch any bubble, and leave it alone for ten or so minutes. It’ll play some variant of the Mario theme melody! To reset how the melody plays, just overwrite that certain bubble and a new version of the Mario melody is formed. It’s a cute little not so secretive secret, isn’t it?
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Questions! Are we dead? Did the DSi get an update?

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Yes. But Jake says no. Our blog’s been dormant for sometime, and although Jake keeps his head high in the sky, I never see his goals and ambitions flourish into something to be proud of. Today, he called me up to get me back to working publicly on the blog. I’ve been doing behind the scenes stuff like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics (which seem to have mysteriously destroyed itself for me) and now Jake’s pushing for full support from me. He’s just brainstorming out loud to me as I’m typing out this post. He’s even suggesting the archaic use of the “teen only” ring tone. My phone’s about three years old, it gets the job done, I’m not upgrading it.

It isn’t easy; I had to change everything for the transition to the new blog URL. Our RSS feeds, RSS feed dependants, openID, twitterfeed, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics among other things. Anyway, real news.


The Nintendo DSi’s recently had an update, blocking all working flash carts at the time and bringing Facebook Connect to the DSi platform, incorporating it before the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3! It’s brought love and hate, DSi lovers and DSi haters to the battlefield as angered fanboys rage as first place in the race has been taken. “DSi suxx”, “nintendo copied sony”, “get a real gaming handheld like a psp”, “the xbox was gonna do that first”, and tons of other raging comments ensue. Additionally, the DSi’s Opera Internet Browser has been updated bringing the Opera logo and build version and improved efficency in both capacity and speed!Nintendo, you’re really getting serious aren’t you? I wonder what your next update brings us.

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I developed a logo, what do you think?

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